Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Voice

The hardest thing to make usable in the digital instrument world might be the voice.

Soundbetter Singers (Kontakt) registration required - 5 singers
Clare Solo - Kontakt
Clare Solo - Kontakt - Sign in required
Alter/Ego - VST
Merry Orks - SFZ
Merry Orks - Kontakt
Female Solo Voice - Kontakt - Sign in required
Vocal Morphs - Kontakt

Sonatina The Chorus - SFZ (part of entire orchestra download)
Sonatina The Chorus - Kontakt
Sonatina The Chorus - VST
Mihai Sorohan Choir - Kontakt
DSK ChoirZ - VSTi
Famous Choirs - Kontakt
I Love You Project - Kontakt

Monday, June 29, 2015

Free Woodwinds

Some Woodwinds for free. More are in Free Orchestras.

Anthony's Philharmonic (SFZ) Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Alto Sax

English Horn
Alpine English Horn (Kontakt)

Hephaestus Oboe (Kontakt) Sign in required

Alpine Clarinets - Bass, Eb, Bb (Kontakt)
Philharmonia Clarinet (Kontakt)

MSLP Flute Grbavac (Kontakt)
Simple Flute (Kontakt)
Feroyn's Flute (Kontakt)
Ixox Flute (SF2)
Wooflute (Kontakt)

RECsoprano (VSTi)

Embertone's Harmonette (Kontakt)

Korean Wind Instruments (Kontakt, EXS24, Live, Sampler)

Sax Appeal (Kontakt) Sign in required

Free Brass

 A few Brass Freebies.

Alpine Brass Trumpet, Horn, Trombones, Tuba (Kontakt)
DSK Brass (VSTi)
NoiseCrux Multisampled Brass Ensemble (SFZ)

Van Houzen Trumpet (Kontakt)
Sasje's The Trumpet (Kontakt)
Mihai Sorohan Muted Trumpet (SF2)
Mihai Sorohan Trumpet Loops (Wave files)
DIY Philharmonic Trumpet Shell (Kontakt) You have to download separate samples.

French Horn

DIY Philharmoinc French Horn Shell (Kontakt) You have to download separate samples.

Carpenter Trombone (Kontakt)
MSLP Trombone Knutsson (Kontakt)

Brass Phrases
New York Brass (Kontakt)

Free Strings

String Sections
Embertone Intimate Strings (Kontakt)
Cornuccopia Strings Staccato (Kontakt)
Sustain Strings SFZ Lite (SFZ) (requires email)
DSK Strings (VSTi)
String Section (Kontakt)
Orchestral Strings One (VSTi)
Warm Strings (SFZ)
M-theory (VSTi)

LDK1609 Violin (Kontakt)
Alpine Violins (Kontakt)
Depone Violin (Kontakt)
DIY Philharmonic Violin (Kontakt) You have to download separate samples.
Simon Larkin Solo Violin (Kontakt)

Solo Viola Lite (Kontakt)
DIY Philharmonic Viola (Kontakt) You have to download separate samples.

Karoryfer x bigcat Cello (SFZ)
Karoryfer x bigcat Cello (kontakt)
Alpine Cellos (Kontakt)
pocketBlakus Cello (Kontakt)
MSLP Cello Lofberg (Kontakt)
MSLP Cello Lofberg (NN-XT)
Cellofan (VSTi)
Solo Cello (SFZ)

Double Basses
D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass  (SFZ)
D. Smolken's double bass (Kontakt)
Meatbass (SFZ)
Double Bass Pizz (SFZ)

Korean String Instruments (Kontakt, EXS24, Live, Sampler)

Free Orchestras

Yup there are full orchestras available for free. While they aren't going to rival massive paid orchestras, some are quite nice.

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (SFZ)
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (Kontakt)
Total Composure Orchestra (Kontakt)
Iowa Orchestra (Kontakt)
Tuned & WIPs Iowa Orchestra (Kontakt)
DSK Overture (VSTi)
DSK Virtuoso (VSTi)
Musyng Kite Soundfont (SF2)
Musyng Kite (Kontakt)
Orchestra One (Kontakt)
Bellatrix Orchestra Final and SJ Orchestral GM (SF2) along with others
Squidfont Orchestral (SF2)
VS Chamber Orchestra (VSTi)

Orchestral Samples
Philharmonia Orchestra
University of Iowa

Also you can find all my Orchestral instruments and more here
bigcat GM List (Kontakt)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Free Organs & Such

Pipe Organ
Bureu Organ (Kontakt)
Leeds Town Hall Organ (Kontakt, EXS 24, Reason NN-XT, Ableton)
Saint Augustine's Organ (Kontakt)
1850 Pipe Organ (Kontakt)
Burea Funeral Organ (Kontakt)
Orgue de Salon (SF2)

Reed Organ
Supertone (VSTi)
Vintage Chord Organ (Kontakt)

Electronic Organ
Combo Model F (VSTi)
Rocksichord (Kontakt)
Emily (VSTi)
S3O and Morphiza (VSTi)
VL-122 (VSTi)

Bells & Chimes
The Ghent Carillon (SF2)
Carillon (VSTi)

GrandOrgue is a standalone Organ Simulator. It doesn't work with DAWs. There seem to be dozens of organs for it. Lars Virtual Pipe Organs has 5 organs.

Hauptwerk is similar (actually I think GrandOrgue evolved from it?) and has some freebies you can use.